Levine Contract Furniture Group represents manufacturers of office, healthcare and hospitality furniture in the New York City area.

Our company was founded by my father, Harvey Levine, in 1973 at a desk in the Pan Am building on 42nd street.  When he opened for business, sales were made in person or on the phone and orders were sent by mail.   When John Calvano (LCFG Executive VP 1975-2014)  joined the company he expanded the sales territory simply because he owned a car.

Things have changed since then.  Clients shop for furniture on their phones and tablets while standing at their desk.  Decisions about what chairs or desks to buy sometimes have more to do with ROI than aesthetics.  Large projects are specified and ordered with the push of a button, and a consultant might have more to say about a new office than the person that owns the company occupying the space.  We also sell furniture on a global scale through our dealer network and design partners, wherever our clients call home.

What has not changed is that Levine Contract Furniture Group provides the same great service to our many clients today as Harvey and John Calvano did in the early days.   We also represent the best independent contract furniture manufacturers.

Our manufacturing partners have been selected carefully based on quality, flexibility, product category, and price point.  Each manufacturer focuses on a particular product category which allows them to be more innovative and offer many options.  By blending our manufacturers together, LCFG is able to provide furniture to outfit an entire office tailored to each client's specific needs within budget and on time.

The design of our products is current and strategically ahead of the curve.  We offer workplace solutions for any workplace environment and each style of work.  We are also mindful of the many generations represented in today's workforce and support them all with products that bring disparate work styles together.

Our manufacturers offer primary product categories such as open plan benching and private office suites.  We also offer a complete and highly competitive ancillary package; from the boardroom to breakout spaces, collaborative ergonomic environments and cafes, we have multiple solutions for each corner of your workday environment.

By offering a wide variety of quality products, Levine Contract Furniture Group have become known as specialists in an industry satisfied with generalists.  To support this fact, our team is well educated in regards to our products and is able to identify the right solutions for each individual client.  We set the bar for customer service and always stand behind our products.

We maintain three showrooms to support our manufacturers, each located on the 14th floor of the New York Design Center in the heart of the best city in the world, NYC.

If you are not familiar with Levine Contract Furniture Group or our manufacturing partners, please contact us.  We look forward to working with you.


Matthew Levine